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Honor of the Knights (Catalan : Honor de cavalleria ; also known as Honor of the Knights/Quixotic) is a 2006 slow film by Catalan auteur Albert Serra HONOUR OF THE KNIGHTS / HONOR DE CAVALLERIA. A film written, produced and directed by Albert Serra. From the novel El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, by Miguel de Cervantes A production of Andergraun Films, Eddie Saeta and Notro Films. Cast: Lluís Carbó and Lluís Serrat With the special collaboration of Albert Pl

Don Quixote and Sancho pursue their travels in search of adventure day and night. They ride through fields, talking about spirituality, chivalry and daily life. A growing bond of friendship unites them. New visual terms for a classic literary text by Catalan director Albert Serra In his feature Honor de Cavalleria, writer/director Albert Serra scales down his approach, with an avant-garde adaptation of two sequences from the book, done in an understated, minimalist style Honour of the Knights (Honor de Cavalleri) Albert Serra (Sp 2008) Lluis Carbo; Lluia Serrat. Viewed Star and Shadow Cinema (Newcastle AV festival) 15 March 2012; ticket price £5.00. Touched by immanence. Honour of the Knights (HK) is about the immanence of vision. I note that some critics have commented that Serra's (AS) interpretation of Don Quixote depicts an aimless rambling. But I don. Albert Serra, Director: La mort de Louis XIV. Albert Serra was born in 1975 in Banyoles, Girona, Catalonia, Spain. He is a director and writer, known for The Death of Louis XIV (2016), Quixotic/Honor de Cavelleria (2006) and Liberté (2019) Albert Serra was born in Spain in 1975. In 2006 he wrote, directed and produced his first feature film, HONOR OF THE KNIGHTS (QUIXOTIC), followed by BIRDSONG (2008); both were selected for the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes. In 2010 he made ELS NOMS DE CRIST before directing, a year later, EL SENYOR HA FET EN MI MERAVELLES for the exhibition CORRESPONDENCIA: ALBERT SERRA & LISANDRO ALONSO.

Albert Serra (born 1975) is a Spanish independent filmmaker and manager of the production company Andergraun Films, set up by Montse Triola primarily to produce Serra's films. He is best known for his films Story of My Death (2013) and The Death of Louis XIV (2016), starring Jean-Pierre Léaud.Serra has been called one of the most singular and radical filmmakers working today Leben und Werk. Albert Serra studierte Literaturtheorie und Komparatistik an der Universität Barcelona.Er wurde 2006 promoviert.Serra arbeitet in den Bereichen Film, Installation, Theater und Performance.. Auf Einladung der dOCUMENTA (13) realisierte Albert Serra den Film Els tres porquets/Die drei kleinen Schweinchen.An jedem der 100 Ausstellungstage drehte er, Nachmittags schnitt er A hauntingly serene and sometimes moving experimental take on «Don Quixote», Albert Serra's Honor de Cavalleria seems to have spliced that Spanish classic to «Waiting for Godot» via Bresson and Ozu

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Honour of the Knights (Quixotic) 2006 'Honor de cavallería ' Directed by Albert Serra. Synopsis. Trusting in fate, Don Quixote and Sancho pursue their travels in search of adventure day and night. They ride through fields, talking about subjects as varied as spirituality, chivalry and daily life. A growing bond of friendship unites them. Cast; Crew; Details; Genre; Cast. Lluís Carbó. Directed by Albert Serra. With Lluís Carbó, Lluís Serrat, Jaume Badia, Glynn Bruce. In this minimalist take on Cervantes' Don Quixote story, there are no windmills - only wind, trees, grass and sunlight. It is a soulful study of two lone figures against an unspoiled landscape Trusting in fate, Don Quixote and Sancho pursue their travels in search of adventure day and night. They ride through fields, talking about subjects as varied as spirituality, chivalry and daily life. A growing bond of friendship unites them

Honor of the Knights is easily the most striking Spanish film of 2006. Albert Serra is original, without making a secret of whom and what inspired him. Clear and to the point - both through homages in his film and in accompanying text and interviews - he states what he wants to achieve It includes the soundtracks for three films — Honor de cavalleria / Honour of the Knights (2006), Història de la meva mort / Story of My Death (2013) and La mort de Louis XIV / Last Days of Louis XIV (2016) —, two art pieces — Cubalibre (2012, Documenta, Kassel) and Singularity (2015, Biennale di Venezia) — and the recent play Liberté (2018, Volksbühne, Berlin). Albert Serra is.


PROGRAMAÇÃO: RETROSPECTIVA ALBERT SERRA . 15/07 | 18h00 | Auditório Municipal de Olhão | Honor of the Knights [Honor de Cavalleria], Espanha, fic., 2006, 110' 17/07 | 18h00 | Auditório Municipal de Olhão | Story of My Death [Historia de la meva mort], Espanha, fic., 2013, 148' 18/07 | 18h00 | Auditório Municipal de Olhão | The Death of Louis XIV [La Mort de Louis XIV], França, fic. Albert Serra arbeitet oft zusammen mit Lluís Serrat 5-mal, z.B. bei Der Tod von Ludwig XIV., Story of My Death und Honour of the Knights; Lluís Carbó 2-mal, z.B. bei Honour of the Knights und. Together, Serra's films Knight's Honor and Birdsong define a radical mode of adaptation, a minimalist distillation of canonical and socio-culturally overdetermined texts - Don Quixote and the tale of the Magi, respectively - that reimagines these venerated tales as pure, almost trance-like cinematic events Albert Serra is a Spanish independent filmmaker and manager of the production company Andergraun Films, set up by Montse Triola primarily to produce Serra's.

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  1. Honor de Caballería - (Honor de Cavalleria (Honour of the Knights / Quixotic)); dirigida por Albert Serra en 2006. Lluís Serrat, Lluís Cardenal, Lluís Carbó, Jaume Badia, Glynn Bruce, Felicià Butinyà
  2. Internationale Anerkennung erhielt Serra mit seinem ersten Spielfim Honor de Cavalleria (Honor of the Knights), eine freie Adaption des Romans Don Quijote, den ermit nicht-professionellen Schauspielern aus seinem Heimatort inszenierte. Der Film wurde in Cannes bei der Directors' Fortnight 2006 gezeigt
  3. utes of Albert Serra's
  4. Albert Serra It's always a pleasure to welcome Albert Serra, self-proclaimed greatest director in Spain, back to the London Film Festival. I cherish the memory of seeing his stunning debut feature Honour of the Knights, a mesmerisingly aslant concentration and distillation of the Don Quixote novel and myth, here in 2006: it's still one of my all-time favourite LFF screenings
  5. Known for his unconventional adaptations of Cervantes's Don Quixote (Honor of the Knights) and the Biblical parable of the Three Kings (Birdsong), Serra here stages the 18th-century passage from.
  6. Internationale Anerkennung wurde ihm mit seiner Produktion, Honors of the Knights, zuteil, einer freien Adaptation von Don Quijote, die von Laiendarstellern aus seinem Dorf gespielt wurde. Der Film wurde 2006 bei der Directors' Fortnight in Cannes vorgestellt

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ALBERT SERRA Autor, Regisseur, Produzent, geb. 1975, Studium: Literatur und Kunstgeschichte an der Universität Barcelona, Filme: HONOR DE CAVALLERIA (Honor of the Knights, 2006) EL CANT DELS OCELLS (Birdsong, 2008) EL SENYOR HA FET EN MI MERAVELLES (Lord Worked Wonders in Me, Spanien 2011) ELS NOMS DE CRIST (The Names of Christ, 2011) HISTÒRIA DE LA MEVA MORT (Story of My Death, 2013) * Eine. Ficha do filme: Honra de Cavalaria (Honor de Cavalleria) , dirigido por Albert Serra Find films and movies featuring Albert Serra on AllMovie AllMovie... New Releases. In Theaters; New on DVD Honor of the Knights Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Screen Story . 2006 (0) The Names of Christ Director (0) 1 / 5. Avengers and Game of Thrones rule 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra, a transcendental minimalist who wields his camera like only a handful of fellow feature-film digital adventurers - among them Pedro Costa, David Lynch and Michael Mann - is one of the few who produces work that truly creates a new encounter with the audience. His radically stripped-down, voluptuously shaggy adaptations of canonical writing - Cervantes in. Amazon.es - Compra Albert Serra Collection - 2-DVD Set ( El cant dels ocells / El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles ) ( Birdsong (Bird song) / The Lord Worked Wonders In Me ) by Victòria Aragonés a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. Ver opiniones y detalles sobre la gran selección de Blu-ray y DVD, nuevos o de 2ª mano Honor rycerza: Honour of the Knights / Honor de cavalleria: Albert Serra / Hiszpania 2006 / 104' Pokazywany razem z: Albert Serra / Francja, Hiszpania, Portugalia 2016 / 115' pon. 29 lip, 10:00. Catalan director Albert Serra's follow-up to his magisterial The Death of Louis XIV (NYFF54) is another forensic documentation of the Sun King's final breaths. Here, however, Versailles is replaced with the glow of the gallery. Featuring Lluís Serrat (Sancho from Serra's Honor of the Knights) in a filmed performance of a 2017 installation, Roi Soleil boldly crossbreeds performance art.

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If there is a dialectical movement to be found in Albert Serra's decidedly non-dialectical films, it is in the relationship they figure between movement and stasis. Firm in the belief, or delusion, that chivalry is civilization, Quixote in Honor of the Knights (2006) wanders in search of opportunities for action, which are always elsewhere; his gaze has no recourse but to land in. A frequent disrupter of the medium's prescribed models, Serra has long moved fluidly between the screen and the gallery, but his recent work in each field has evinced an increasing interest in the stage-bound dimensions of the theatre that was barely suggested in such early, folksy pastoral films as Honor of the Knights (2006) and Birdsong (2008) THE FORTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD CATALAN DIRECTOR Albert Serra has brought his singular sensibility to bear on a remarkable range of works, straddling the film and art worlds with a rare understanding of the contexts of spectatorship and a flair for productive provocation. His films bring the mythic past to life by distilling fabled events to eccentric anecdotes and imbuing figures of legend with the.

Albert Serra Biography. Albert Serra (born October 10, 1975) is a Spanish independent filmmaker and manager of the production company Andergraun Films, set up by Montse Triola primarily to produce Serra's films. Besides writing, directing and producing films Albert Serra writes and produces plays. Graduated in.. Honor de Cavalleria - Honor of the Knights (2006) Regie: Albert Serra | 110 minuten | drama | Acteurs: Lluís Carbó, Lluís Serrat, Nanu Ferrari, Bartomeu Casellas, ZOEKEN. Op zoek naar: Bioscooppremieres van deze week. Atlantis (2019) Shirley (2020) The Tobacconist - Der Trafikant (2018) Valley of the Gods (2019) White Riot (2019) FILMS OP TV: Zondag 20 september 2020. 06:10 uur. Albert Serra : Honor de cavalleria d'Albert Serra, 26 avril 2013. Centre Pompidou. 1:48:44. Albert Serra, Cochons impossibles, discussion autour des Trois Petis Cochons d'Albert Serra - le 4 mai 2013. Centre Pompidou. 4:42. Honor de cavalleria- Ext 3. PremiereFR. 2:10. Honor de cavalleria- Ext 2 . PremiereFR. 1:00. Albert Serra a Mar Del Plata. VisumTv. 1:00. Albert Serra. dOCUMENTA (13.

Honour of the Knights (Quixotic) is a film directed by Albert Serra and starring Lluís Carbó, Lluís Serrat, Albert Plà.. It should therefore surprise no one that Albert Serra's Story of My Death, which stars Casanova, also co-stars Dracula — here, a sveltely pompadoured, pug-face figure in black who. »Albert Serra bereichert das Weltkino mit einer neuen Form der Klassikeradaption: große Stoffe zeigen Auflösungserscheinungen in seinen mäandernden, grenznarrativen Filmen.« cargo Albert Serras großartiger Film Der Tod von Ludwig XIV. handelt davon, wie sich Herrschaft behauptet - auch über das Leben des Königs hinaus. Jean-Pierre Léaud spielt den Monarchen mit atemberaubender. Born in 1975 in Banyoles, Albert Serra is a Catalan artist. He earned degrees in Spanish Philology and Theory of Literature from Barcelona University. Now, he writes plays and directs various video works. In 2006, he acquired an international reputation with his second feature, HONOR OF THE KNIGHTS (QUIXOTIC), selected by the Cahiers du Cinema as being part of the 10 best films of 2007. Рыцарская честь / Honor de cavalleria / Honour of the Knights (Альберт Серра / Albert Serra) [2006, Испания, артхаус / медленное кино, DVD9 (Custom)] Original + Sub (rus, eng, fra, spa) » Арт-хаус и авторское кино (DVD Video) :: RuTracker.or

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  1. Albert Serra: Honor De Cavalleria / El Cant Dels Ocells / Waiting For Sancho [3 DVDs + Livre] [Spanien Import] 5,0 von 5 Sternen 1. DVD Derzeit nicht verfügbar. Speer und Er [3 DVDs] 4,0 von 5 Sternen 19. DVD In der Hauptrolle: Sebastian Koch , Tobias Moretti , Dagmar Manzel , et al. Albert Serra Collection - 2-DVD Set ( El cant dels ocells / El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles ) ( Birdsong.
  2. |35mm|color+b&w / dir 알베르트 세라 albert serra 2. 새들의 노래 birdsong spain|2008|98
  3. Born in 1975 in Banyoles, Albert Serra is a Catalan artist. Degree in Spanish Philology and Theory of Literature from Barcelona university, he writes plays and directs various video works. In 2006, he acquired an international reputation with his second feature, HONOR OF THE KNIGHTS (QUIXOTIC), selected by the Cahiers du Cinema as being part of the 10 best films of 2007. Dandy neorealist.

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Don Quichotte et Sancho Panza errent jour et nuit à travers la campagne dans l'attente d'aventures. Ils chevauchent, mangent, dorment et conversent sur différents sujets. Une amitié forte et précieuse les unit. Premier long métrage d'Albert Serra, Honor de cavalleria n'a pas été conçu comme une nouvelle adaptation de Don Quichotte mais comme une véritable promenade de ses. Albert Serra. mijn gemiddelde. 3,01 (86) 86 stemmen. Geboren: 31 maart 1975 (45 jaar) Banyoles (Spanje) Er staan 9 films van deze regisseur op MovieMeter. Er is in totaal 86 keer op deze films gestemd, met een gemiddelde van 3,01 sterren. De standaardafwijking van deze stemmen is 1,17. Links Wikipedia IMDb Foto: / CC by-sa 2.0. Filmografie. Crespià (2003) Alternatieve titel: Crespià: The.

Born in Banyoles in 1975, Albert Serra is a Catalan artist and director. Having studied philosophy and literature, he wrote plays and produced works on video. Honor of the Knights, a loose adaptation of Don Quixote featuring nonprofessional actors from his village, won international recognition. The film was presented at Cannes' Directors' Fortnight in 2006. A traditional Catalan Christmas. Albert Serra Interview (The Story of My Death) Albert Serra is a Spanish filmmaker whose four feature films have earned him such classifications as 'Romanesque' and even 'Radical Classicist'. His breakthrough film, Honour of the Knights (2006), played Cannes and won the FIPRESC Honor de cavalleria | Honour of the Knights | 唐吉诃德 本字幕按 唐吉诃德2006-honor_de_cavalleria[albert_serra].avi 版本分割 射手 Albert SERRA (born 1975; Banyoles, Girona, Cataluña, Spain) = 34 yold in 2009 3 films / 3 screenplays (1st film: 2003/latest film: 2008). Albert Serra. A 3,7 mil els agrada. Yo sigo una divisa muy bonita: amo a todos los que me aman //// My next project will be bigger, crazier, more radical and less people will watch it

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Sobra decir que Albert Serra no es un director convencional, bendita heterodoxia. En esta película no es que no haya historia, es que hay otra forma de ver el cine y la vida, despojada de la leyenda y la mitificación de la figura de El Quijote, llevándolo al plano de lo cotidiano. Eso sí, en honor a su título existe un retrato del caballero recto, religioso y bondadoso. El naturalismo. Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra has been tackling literary/historical figures in his films -- Don Quixote in Honor of the Knights, The story of Magi in Birdsong, Casanova and Dracula in The Story. Honor de cavalleria 2006 — a.k.a. Honour of the Knights (Quixotic), in 3 top lists. albert+serra; drama; movie; serriform; 2006; Check. Mark movie as favorite; Dislike this movie; Add movie to watchlist; Mark movie as owned ; Check movie; View the official lists that include Honor de cavalleria; Visit IMDb page; Cuba Libre 2013, in 0 top lists. albert+serra; drama; short; movie; mochizuki. Serra prefers obscurity of a second sort. Though he loosely bases his films on canonical texts and oft-told tales--Cervantes's Don Quixote in Honor de cavalleria (Honor of the Knights, 2006); the biblical account of the three wise men's visit to the baby Jesus in Birdsong; the voluminous memoirs of Casanova in The Story of My Death-, and, most recently, Saint-Simon's meticulous journal entries.

ART/ALBERT SERRA Mistes i màscares. Fundació Tàpies_ROI SOLEIL. Museo Reina Sofia_PERSONALIEN. Garage Museum of Contemporari Art _ ROI SOLEIL. FID Marseille_ROI SOLEIL. Mutaciones 2018 _ HONOR OF THE KNIGHTS. Espai EatArt _ ROI SOLEIL. Galeria Cadaqués _ ROI SOLEIL. Galeria Graça Brandão . Muzeum Sztuki _ ELS NOMS DE CRIST. La Virreina Centre de la Imatge _ SINGULARITY . Raven Row _ ELS. Correspondències filmiques is a project created on the occasion of an exhibition at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) for which Lisandro Alonso and Albert Serra had been asked to exchange filmed letters. Part of the crew of Honor of the Knights travels to La Mancha to see the real settings of Quixote's life in order to shoot a film. SCHERMATI/PREMIATO AL: Altri Film Festival. Free 2-day shipping. Buy Albert Serra Collection - 2-DVD Set ( El cant dels ocells / El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles ) ( Birdsong (Bird song) / The Lord Worked Wonders In Me ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - France ] at Walmart.co Serra is generally associated with the 21st-century 'slow cinema' tendency (I advisedly call it that rather than a movement), his films so far focusing on mythical figures from fiction, legend and history - Don Quixote in Honour of the Knights, the Magi in Birdsong, Dracula and Casanova in The Story of My Death Amazon.com: Albert Serra Collection - 2-DVD Set ( El cant dels ocells / El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles ) ( Birdsong (Bird song) / The Lord Worked Wonders In Me ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.0 Import - France ]: Victòria Aragonés, Lluís Carbó, Mark Peranson, Lluís Serrat Batlle, Lluís Serrat, Montse Triola, Martín Angel, Jimmy Gimferrer, Eliseu Huertas, Àngel Martín, Albert Serra.


Regizor : Albert Serra. Nota TMDB . 6.8 / 10 . Total votanti: 13 . Nota IMDB . 6.3 / 10 . Total votanti: 597 . Vezi film online Colectia de filme pentru Film Onoarea Cavalerilor - Honour of the Knights (Quixotic) - Honor de cavalleria - 2006 - Honour of the Knights (Quixotic) filme colectie in romana. Descopera informatii importante. Actori; Filme similare; Filme recomandate; Video; Poze. The Knight is a self-proclaimed apologist when it comes to St. Junípero Serra, the 18th century missionary known for his service to Native Americans. Clifford has authored several books about the patron saint of California, founded the website Missions 1769 to promote education on the Hispanic Catholic missionaries, and was even present when Pope Francis canonized the missionary in 2015 Jean-Pierre Léaud as King Louis XIV in Albert Serra's The Death of Louis XIV. (Courtesy Cinema Guild) This article is more than 2 years old. Its title serving as both plot synopsis and spoiler.

Tribute to Albert Serra . Details; Movies; Program; Drawing inspiration from the classical narratives of Western civilization and ingeniously transforming emblematic historical figures through his unique idiosyncratic universe, the Catalan filmmaker's work augments the boundaries of cinematic space and time, not to challenge his viewers, but to liberate them. Total: Found results. View # 02. The most tragic character is Casanova's son, Pompeu [Lluís Serrat, who played Sancho Panza in Serra's Honor of Knights (06)]. Somehow this innocent person becomes a victim. In the first part he has money problems, later woman problems, and at the end mental problems that cause him to lose his innocence. His character symbolizes the road down the loss of purity that the film lays out. Albert, (born May 17, 1490, Ansbach—died March 20, 1568, Tapiau, East Prussia), last grand master of the Teutonic Knights from 1510 to 1525, first duke of Prussia (from 1525), a Protestant German ruler known chiefly for ending the Teutonic Knights' government of East Prussia and founding a hereditary dukedom in its place.. Albert was the third son of Frederick of Hohenzollern, margrave of. Close-Up Film Centre 97 Sclater Street London E1 6HR +44 (0)20 3784 7970 info@closeupfilmcentre.com Open Friday, Satruday, Sunday: 12:00 - 18:0 Honour of the knights by Albert Serra ( Visual ) 9 editions published between 2006 and 2010 in 3 languages and held by 33 WorldCat member libraries.

Albert Serra was born in Banyoles in 1975. He graduated with a degree in Hispanic Literature and Comparative Literature, from the University of Barcelona, where he also studied Art History. In 2004 he writes, directs and produces Honor de Cavalleria, a free adaptation of Don Quixote, selected at the 38th Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, 2006. The film has been awarded in many international festivals Cinema Guild has acquired all U.S. distribution rights to Albert Serra's The Death of Louis XIV, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last month. The deal represents a union between. Spanish director Albert Serra (2006). Honor de cavalleria , which became a book in 2010, confounded and baffled Spanish critics for its lack of 'adventures', dialogues and characters, and the unaffected performances of the cast: El Quijote (Lluís Carbó) and Sancho (Lluís Serrat) lost in a row landscapes. The article considers the validity and strength of Serra's controversial setting.

Albert Serra is a Catalan filmmaker whose films have explored themes of literary adaptation, formalism, history, and the combination of the artificial and the natural. His latest feature, Liberté (2019), premiered at Cannes where it won Un Certain Regard's Special Jury Prize Honor de cavalleria Standard Version Lluís Carbó (Darsteller), Lluís Serrat (Darsteller), Albert Serra (Regisseur, Produzent, Autor) & 0 mehr Alterseinstufung: Nicht geprüft Format: DV Albert Serra Collection Set ( El cant dels ocells / El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles ) ( Birdsong (Bird song) / The Lord Worked Wonders In Me ) DVD £28.88 £ 28. 88. FREE Delivery. Only 2 left in stock. More buying choices £24.95 (7 used & new offers) Starring: Victòria Aragonés , Lluís Carbó , Mark Peranson , et al. Directed by: Albert Serra Honour Of The Knights. 4.2 out of 5 stars 3.

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Honor de Cavallería (Honor de Cavallería) - 2005 Cinemacat.cat (Cinemacat.cat) - 2008 Els noms de Crist (TV) (Els noms de Crist (TV)) - 2010 El asesino a sueldo (El asesino a sueldo) - 2010 El Senyor ha fet en mi meravelles (Correspondencia: Albert Serra - El Senyor ha fet en mi meravelles) - 2011 : Montaje: El cant dels ocells (El cant dels ocells) - 2008 La muerte de Luis XIV (La mort de. ALBERT SERRA: filmography in CITWF free on-line movie databas Albert Serra . . Han är känd för filmer som: Liberté (2019), La Mort de Louis XIV (2016) och El cant dels ocells (2008)

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[UiM 003] Molforts – Les músiques per a Albert SerraEl Senyor ha fet en mi meravelles (2011) DVDRip [2,31GBHonor of the Knights - WikipediaAlbert Serra | IFFR
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